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Looking for Volunteers for the Scanning Brigade —

If you live within 30-60 minutes of Hopewell Junction, NY and the prospect interests you, I’m seeking volunteers to run a book scanner at my Information Cube that will allow us to scan a large amount of materials extremely quickly. Please hit me up at to discuss it, suggest people, or otherwise line up for […]

Some Last Triage of the DEFCON Documentary —

I need to turn to my current projects, and my other commitments. I figured after going for a month and a half into the post-DEFCON Documentary release breach, I’d write some thoughts down before moving on. (Note, I do intend to release a fixed-up version of the documentary with a different audio encoding and with […]

Catch Up Month —

August will be catch-up month. The last time we saw a drought of postings on this site, it was for the same reason it has happened now: a terminal case of Getting Shit Done. The point of these entries is to reflect, to entreat, and to call to arms when arms are needed. Their priority […]

International Shipping Ends —

I’m no longer going to take international orders. This is not a light decision. International orders are half my sales. But I have to do it. So, here’s what’s been happening on the back end for a while: people order one of my documentaries, GET LAMP or the BBS Documentary. About once a week, when […]

Spoiler Alert for 2013 —

Since I joined the Internet Archive, my big deal has been dumping in as much data as possible into their significant and notable archives – with so much disk space and with my having so much stuff at arm’s reach, it hasn’t been too hard, either. Besides the Archive Team collection, which is rather large […]

…and here we are. —

It took a lot to get me to move the ASCII weblog. A ton, a mass. You have to be a certain high quality of assmunch to get me to throw half a day into the fire and slowly, painfully move 9 years of website, of individual, unique quirks and odd choices, buried under the sands […]

A Consideration of an Infocom Kickstarter —

Naturally, one might be inclined to look at a massive project one did, like a two DVD documentary on text adventures, and instead of remembering how you got there and how hard you worked and everything else, just see the flaws. I’ve had GET LAMP flaws held up to me on several occasions, actually many occasions, […]

Available for Speaking Engagements —

Here’s the deal. Like a lot of other people, I incurred some huge debt in the last 5-6 years, which then started to expand under the weight of compound interest, and which I then spent a lot of time on the phone negotiating to minimal interest and reasonable payoffs over time. It has been going […]

Q&A: The Long Term Prospects —

As someone who is a computer historian and is into the whole data archival and preservation area, I thought you might be able to answer this question. We have some data, including precious family audio recordings from years ago, which we are currently keeping on several hard drives. If all copies were lost, this data […]