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The GET LAMP Raw Interview Flood —

When you overshoot your documentaries as much as I do, you end up with a lot of perfectly good, probably movie-worthy footage that just doesn’t make it into the final cut. When I edit down the dozens of hours of interviews, I have thousands of clips of people saying on-topic, coherent things, all labelled, and […]

The DEFCON Documentary —

Earlier this year, I was hired by DEFCON to do a DEFCON documentary. DEFCON, if you’ve missed out, is a “hacker conference” that has been held since its beginning in Las Vegas, and this year is the 20th. That’s big enough news that the organization wanted to capture it in some way, and they hired […]

A Consideration of an Infocom Kickstarter —

Naturally, one might be inclined to look at a massive project one did, like a two DVD documentary on text adventures, and instead of remembering how you got there and how hard you worked and everything else, just see the flaws. I’ve had GET LAMP flaws held up to me on several occasions, actually many occasions, […]

The Jason Scott Machine —

I haven’t been surprised by suggestions for documentaries I should make, but I have been surprised by suggestions for documentaries I should be making after I’ve announced I’m doing three at once. Nobody does three at once as a single person, and then people want me to do even more. I’m tagged out for some […]

Dear Brian —

My somewhat legitimate position in the world as speaker, historian, archive dude and rabblerousing mascot means that it probably doesn’t do me any favors to do my really too easy to do slam of other people, out of the blue. But you know, sometimes I can’t help myself.  I wrote about this, sort of, a while […]

The Typewriter Test —

This past week, I went to visit my friend Chris Orcutt to test out the equipment I bought for the three documentaries I’m shooting. While I had already spent a lot of time researching what to get and had purchased 99% of what I needed, I wanted to do a dry-run shoot and see how […]

Building a Cast List —

I like to think one of the real distinct aspects of the technical documentaries I’ve done so far are the cast lists – the list of interviewees that I pull from to get the story the documentary is aiming for. In more standard situations, the cast lists tend to be rather small and have a […]

Kickstarting The Details —

It’s five days left in the Kickstarter funding drive I started 55 days ago. It has been, by any measure, an enormous success. I set the whole thing at 60 days because that was the maximum that Kickstarter allows these days, and because I was asking for people to pledge $100,000 toward my project idea, […]

Trailer for the Two Hands Project Documentary —

In two entries (one and two),  I mentioned I was editing the Two Hands Project, which is a documentary on hackerspaces.  I also, I hoped, made it clear that there’s a ton of priorities before it, including finishing editing work on the Going Cardboard documentary, and, you know, all this stuff with terabytes of data […]


A new review of GET LAMP has been posted, and it is not positive.  (Here’s a WebCitation link). I won’t even pretend to claim much knowledge of Auntie Pixelante, because I don’t really have much beyond having followed the weblog for the site for about a year, and keeping track of a lot of the […]