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It Stinks! —

Since we’re now going to be deep in “everyone is watching my movie” season, I thought I’d mention some of the fun unique aspects of having something out there for everyone. Here’s the first review on IMDB: This documentary is simply bad. It exclusively focuses on the “geek”. Yes, these people are pleased to know […]

DEFCON: The Documentary —

On August 1st in Las Vegas, the premiere of DEFCON: The Documentary took place on the first day of DEFCON 21. Audience attendance was about 1000. Mood was high. There was free beer and the sound system could explode a Volkswagen. My dad flew in from New York to attend. It was a good time. […]

Goodbye Coins, Hello Lower Price —

When I started work on GET LAMP, I had all sorts of wild ideas about the movie itself and the presentation and the packaging. Among some stuff that came to reality was the beautiful mural inside the package: But most crazily, I wanted something included in the packaging, some nice item that came along with […]

International Shipping Ends —

I’m no longer going to take international orders. This is not a light decision. International orders are half my sales. But I have to do it. So, here’s what’s been happening on the back end for a while: people order one of my documentaries, GET LAMP or the BBS Documentary. About once a week, when […]

Here is How Not to Do It —

Here is how not to treat your customers, especially ones that think you’re doing a great project and support you at a time before you’ve proven yourself. In February of 2012 (be sure you read that correctly, 2012), I attended a screening of¬†Linotype: The Film¬†at the Typekit offices (now fully owned by Adobe). We were […]

Documenting it at MAGfest —

I attended MAGfest this past weekend. It’s a festival with thousands of people, held in the Northern Virginia/Maryland area, and packed with music, anime and videogames. Lots of videogames. It was also the first Games on Film festival, where a film I made (GET LAMP), a film I edited (Going Cardboard), and a pile of […]

Missing in Action: 8-Bit Generation Documentary —

    UPDATE: Please read this later entry for update on this documentary. I’m putting this here to get some attention. There’s a documentary in production, or which was in production, which was a mini series about all things 8-bit consoles and computers. It’s called “8 Bit Generation”. It has trailers up. The trailers are […]

GET LAMP Raw Interviews Pretty Much Up —

An important milestone is finally here for GET LAMP: pretty much all the full interviews are now up on It was important to me, especially at the beginning, that GET LAMP bring into existence some long-form interviews with people who had been so influential in my life and so many others. The writers, coders […]

Sony Vegas Media Bins: Not Ready for Prime Time —

Let me explain what’s going on with this entry. Summary: Most of you can ignore it. Perhaps it’s a reflection of how things have gone with online discourse, but I’m mostly posting this as a way of gaining search engine attention to the fact that Sony Vegas, the video editing software, has something called “Media […]

The Last of the GET LAMP Batch —

I figured you’re my loyal audience so you should know first – I turned around and realized I was down to the last 130 or so copies of GET LAMP. In other words, get your orders in as soon as you can to guarantee you get a copy of the original box+coin combination. I haven’t […]