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Shorn —

So, I recently got a slight hair reduction:

I mention this for two reasons:

  • A lot of people have only known me in the past 5 years or less, and have never known a time where I didn’t have some level of hair or goatee.
  • I don’t want to be refused entry for the time being when I’m supposed to be on the appearance schedule somewhere.

As for what’s going on… well, I noticed my hair was getting unruly and maintenance was getting problematic, along with what choices I was making for my next hair or beard style. So time to start from scratch, enjoy a clean face for a while, make plans for the next “look”, or just enjoy this one. Apparently I look a tad younger, too.

Anyway, just so you know.

On the bright side, I didn’t stick with this in-process version, which was universally derided as classic porn-loving van driver:

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  1. Jost says:

    “and have never known a time where I didn’t have some level of hair or goatse”

    I fixed that sentence for you.

  2. Pfeutzeneute says:

    You do look younger. Good decision, IMO. RIP, DFH.

  3. Nimdok says:

    …and as we all know, Jost is the expert on goats.

  4. Grimmtooth says:

    Dude. The porn van driver look is totally you. Just work on the leer some more.

  5. Pyr0 says:

    you really do look like a 1970’s male prostitute . . . . I LIKE IT!

  6. Laroquod says:

    Sorry. You *still* look just like my Grade 10 History teacher who wanted to play D&D with us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You look a lot less scary without the beard, too.

  8. No, not porn-loving van driver. You just look like you’re ready to turn a rabbit into a rabbi is all.

  9. V says:

    you seem to have lost your ability to glower. I am disappointed. We need glowering pictures of shorn Jason.

  10. I like it, Jason. Although I agree with V, a glower picture would be nice, just to see it on the new you.

  11. I just realized, without your glower and with your new appearance, you look a lot like a good friend of mine. He’s a cool guy (well, a sort of geek and into D&D and rifles, but a good person and interesting and I like him).

  12. sigflup says:

    You might look good with a shaved head. I’m just sayin’ is all

  13. jas says:

    i like the haircut+shave

    you dont give me nightmares anymore.

  14. Sidepocket says:

    I love shaving after a while. Then you can go undercover and see who you can fool. ;D