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The Atomic Level of Porn —

The presentation I gave at Arse Elektronika 2009, entitled “The Atomic Level of Porn”, has been edited and uploaded by the very talented Eddie Codel, who utilized slides I sent him with a well-mic’d, well-constructed set of footage to make a superior audio-visual product.

The talk is mostly an attempt to show the various ways people have expressed erotica through a lot of variant technologies, and how standards and approaches have shifted over the last (roughly) 100 years in a variety of such attempts. It’s not complete, and I really screwed up a couple facts around Atari 2600s, but otherwise it was a fun romp, especially (based on the comments) you have no idea who the hell I am and where I came from. I got a lot of surprise from folks previously unacquainted with me about the stuff I was up to, and so that was, to me, a great success on that front as well.

There are no printed notes I’m working off of – the order of the slides is my guide. Other than that, I’ll gladly answer questions if people have them but I think the presentation kind of stands by itself.

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  2. DeepGeek says:

    Hi, Jason,

    Hard for me to schedule an hour of my life to sit down and watch video, and usually I do that at my inlaws, where this topic would be unwelcome.

    Could you let us know if anybody posts any audio-only versions of this presentation? I tried to rip it but somehow the file got truncated in my browser cache.



  3. Aaron Davies says:

    only 100 years? i’m told one of the most widely-circulated daguerreotypes was horse porn.

  4. I really enjoyed your presentation, that’s why I decided to support you on Kickstarter. Very insightful and funny. I am seriously looking forward to your documentary, I love text adventures. Today, I am working as composer and SFX designers for 2D adventures, so Infocom is where I come from… Thanks and keep up the good work. – Daniel

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