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In Which I Straight Up Hit You For Cash —

I can’t remember ever doing this, but current times require it.

Basically, my bandwidth bill for TEXTFILES.COM has come up, and it will be a struggle for me this quarter to pay it. (I pay quarterly instead of monthly.) I am shifting around money coming up with the ability to charge it, but I’ve been way aggressive trying to pay down credit card debt and find myself short. My host is generous, but there is no need for him to have the simultaneous pain of hosting a site like mine and not getting paid.

As you might know, I don’t put ads on my TEXTFILES.COM site (and never will), so I don’t get money that way – it’s been significant thousands of dollars over the past decade hosting in various places.

Anyway, if you were looking for an excuse to buy a BBS Documentary, this is a very good time. Otherwise, and again, you don’t have to do this, consider paypal-ing a (non-tax-deductable) donation to:

That is all.

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  1. Joshua James says:

    Really, you pay for bandwidth? I’m likely naive as I’ve never run a high-bandwidth or high-content site but my bandwidth is practically unlimited at Dreamhost.

  2. Andy says:

    Jason: How much are you looking for? Throw out a dollar amount, and I’m some fans out there will match it.

    Joshua: Note than Dreamhost’s unlimited bandwidth policy explicitly forbids sites with “File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution.”

  3. robohara says:

    Any chance of a Get Lamp reservation? Also, like Andy said, what’s a good number that doesn’t break me and doesn’t insult you?

  4. Smack says:

    I’d be game for BBS Documentary or Pre-order of Get Lamp. Otherwise, what Flack said.

  5. Drew Wallner says:

    Jason, is there a particular method of buying or paying for a BBS Documentary set that nets you the most profit / least fees which would be preferable?

    I’m on of those people who’s meant to pick up one forever and just hasn’t, and would be happy to do so now.

  6. Smack says:

    Currently feeling some wallet-hurt from DEFCON, but I’ll hook ya up with some of my poor-people money. Hopefully it can wati a week or so until my paycheck brings me out of the negative.

  7. says:

    >>bandwidth is practically unlimited at Dreamhost

    Not really. I have had GB of bandwidth saved up at Dreamhost but got cut off as soon as I put some files up there and started distributing them to a lot of people. I only used up probably less than 5% of my available bandwidth when they cut me off.