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Well, when I wrote my initial angry screed and then followed it up with an angry screed responding to the resulting angry responses I knew I had to act, so I registered, sat on the IRC channel I mentioned (#archiveteam on EFnet) and waited to see what would happen. I’ve called for projects with collaborators before and most of them tend to die out or not get off the ground.

Not so here. is growing by leaps and bounds, we’re having discussions on how best to use our energies, and a heady amount of debate and contentiousness is happening without being accompanied by the attendant bullshit usually cropping up in these situations.

Some people have known me for years. Others never heard of me until now. I won’t so far as to say we’re all friends now, but we’re listening to each other, things are getting done, and I am very, very appreciative.

I’d say more, but the site is the place to go. I am very excited. We’re doing something about it.


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  1. ross says:

    fuck yeah word up

  2. Chris Barts says:

    Great work! I hope the rather resigned position expressed in my response to the post that kicked off this phenomenon will become obsolete in the face of organized archive teams (A-Teams?) like yours.

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