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With the reboot of the ASCII weblog comes a chance, via these new tools dropped in my lap, to compile some information and lists I should have compiled quite some time ago. With the whole process so simple and enjoyable, I’ve got a rough version of one of the first of these, a list (with links) of the presentations I’ve given over the last 9 years. It’s located at and there’s a link it on the front page, but not everyone is browsing this site through an actual browser in today’s RSS world.

I hadn’t realized I was well past a couple dozen official speeches, with many of them recorded by myself and others. But I am, I have been, and so now I’m skimming past the years of my life trying to make sure I haven’t forgotten any. If you remember a talk I gave that I should list up there, let me know.

I’ll be making pages for press and I’m probably going to add a list on this page of my radio show appearances as well. If you haven’t heard some of these, go enjoy, oh, a day’s worth of audio from me.

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  1. Random reader says:

    I want an update on your health stuff. The apnea, for instance.

  2. Jason Scott says:


    Well, the short form is I can’t wear the current mask all that much but I am getting a full face mask. My weight’s down, least it’s been this year, but it needs to really be more (I’ve gone from being a terrible weight to a bad weight).

  3. Random reader says:

    Good for you. Am looking over my own health myself. Will look into apnea (how can I test for that cheaply btw?) and I’m probably going to go on TRT as well (ie government gives me anabolic steroids :p ).

    I hope it all works out for you. I need you to be alive to keep archiving stuff šŸ™‚

    • Jason Scott says:

      For my own bit, I ended up just having my doctor approve of a sleep test. So it wasn’t that expensive, since it was covered by my health insurance. If you have health insurance, chances are you’ll be covered. It is, after all, an important test.

  4. Mr. X says:

    I downloaded “I Will Be Your Eyes and Hands: Adventure and Reality” video file using link in that page, but actually it was presentation about reversing malware, not anything about text adventures.