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Amateur Decade —

In the previous entry Amateur Night, I talked about websites that don’t want to think of themselves as websites, but little tiny kingdoms with special data that can be completely protected and uncopyable by massive “terms of service”. It occurs to me there’s a historical precedent for this on BBSes (and after a while, someone […]

Warning! Amateur Night! —

From All photographs, text and html coding appearing in the Laura Levine site are the exclusive intellectual property of Laura Levine and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. The intellectual property MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED except by normal viewing process of the browser. The intellectual property may not be copied to […]

Notacon and Blockparty: Deadlines Approach —

If you were on the fence about attending my demoparty being held at Notacon at the end of the month, this is the time to jump over to the light. The hotel is filling, the preparations are being made, and it becomes easier for everyone to know how many folks are showing up. Naturally, you […]

Fruit Flavored Power —

Within there’s a chipper little sales catalog for a line of fruit-themed power connectors. Really! The name of the company was Electronic Protection Devices, Inc. They produced power cables, power splitters, and power monitors during the early 1980s. As part of my endless writing away for catalogs and “more information” from computer magazines, I […]

The Little Trojan Horse —

A number of these cameras have been slowly showing up, but my eye is pretty well caught by a camera called the Canon HV10. This might get a tad technical, so I’m going to put lots of explanations into parenthesis. Using HDV compression (a semi-crappy compression scheme that has the advantage of using last generation’s […]