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Simon of Legaltorrents (and a bunch of other cool stuff) asked me if it was OK to put an episode of the BBS Documentary up on his website of cool crap to download. How could I say no, both by license and wish? The thing is licensed so that he could put it up without asking, and in fact he asked me to give him the best “rip” I could of it. So I did, along with a bonus promotional film at the end (about 60 seconds) asking people to buy the documentary.

The website is here:

I guess if you were actually on the fence about whether to buy this documentary DVD set or not, you can go ahead and download that episode and get an idea of how it looks; of course, no director’s commentary, no subtitles, and no sense of well-being clutching the kick-ass packaging while you watch, but I bet a lot of people will get by.

It’s ARTSCENE, which covers the ANSI art scene of the 1990s. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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