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Here’s a nice (unsolicited) recent review of the flick:

I cannot speak highly enough of this film, and when I heard that it existed I couldn’t order it fast enough. What director Jason Scott has done is catalogue a piece of history that is otherwise ignored by documentations. He’s chronicled the development, rise and fall of a big part of my adolescent life. Watching this film gives me an amazing rush of nostalgia, and I literally cannot watch it enough. Whenever I have nothing else to watch I’ll just pop in the DVD and pick out a couple random interviews. It never gets old because the subjects don’t let it. Each person has their own unique and interesting story to tell, and Scott does a fantastic job of not getting in their way and just letting them do it.

There are funny moments, intentional and unintentional, and there are poignant moments. Maybe it hits me more because it’s something I was involved in but it’s the most captivating documentary I’ve seen. I absolutely love it.

Orders trickle in here and there. There’s still quite a bit in the attic, and since the sales from this are funding the current two projects, let’s hope it keeps trickling. I read all the mail sent to me and I try to respond to every single mail with a thoughtful response.

I’ll be selling this thing at the HOPE conference in New York City from the 21st to the 23rd of this month, July. I’ll also be speaking about documentaries, and about BBSes in general, at a couple panels. So stop on by. The HOPE conference’s website is at

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