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An Invitation into the Stacks —

I’m conducting an experiment in volunteerism with the Internet Archive.

It’s unofficial and seriously an experiment. Let’s be clear about that.

We have a Slack server running, and so I’ve set up a channel, called “Stacks”, which people can be invited to and which they can sit in, discussing volunteering opportunities or ideas for projects that might improve the Archive.

The Internet Archive’s future depends on community engagement – the more we’re able to have people involved in capacities other than just “upload stuff” or “download stuff” is a step in a great direction.

Specifically, I know there are people who are interested in helping, but they might feel it’s about code or programming, and I know there’s so much more to the place like that. Librarians, writers, artists… stop in!

Anyway, consider this my invitation to you.

E-mail with your interest in the Archive, and I’ll see about getting you in.

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