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Blockparty Dates! —

Blockparty already has the dates for next year, thanks to the forward-thinking efforts and planning of the Notacon crew: April 4-6, 2008. I’ve already gotten general commitment from 4-5 speakers or workshop presenters, pending a number of factors.

The magic number is 4; there have never been 4 successive iterations of a demo party in North America. But that doesn’t mean that one should be emptily heading through a ticked-off list of successively numbered, boring parties. Each one should have a character, each one should be exquisitely planned, and each should be the best they can be.

The website doesn’t reflect these new dates (the notacon site, however, does) and won’t until we get a few other things in order. But now you know. Consider making the effort to come on out to it; the last one was well worth it.

And you can’t say I didn’t give you enough warning!

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