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Goodbye, Paul Panks —

I considered putting this on the GET LAMP weblog, but I decided it just didn’t fit, because this isn’t really about the documentary, but about a person, and his relation to something he loved. It echoed around inside interactive fiction circles that Paul Panks had died, and while people were positive this was a prank, […]

TEXTFILES.COM Call for Interns —

Well, here we go. I’m trying to clear out a bunch of backburnered projects this year. Some of them involve scanning, some involve sorting, and others involve cataloging. They’re all in that “getting this time-consuming process finished” realm, which doesn’t necessarily need me, in the personal sense, doing all the tasks. Here’s an example: I […]

In Which The Collection Is Assessed —

So I mentioned a couple days ago how I took in all these magazines and artifacts. I figured I’d talk a little about my thinking behind how I deal with this collection. It’s not how everyone does it and I wouldn’t pretend to be a learned expert, but I wanted to share some of my […]

That Time I Gave Computers Away —

This happens rarely enough that I can actually enter a weblog entry about it. I actually gave away a couple of computers. When I take stuff in, it’s not with the intention to hoard it. It’s to provide the best home for the equipment/data/artifacts, save them from the dumpster, broker a future for them that’s […]

The Collection —

Here is how it is done. After a couple days of delightful reunions and questionable criticism flare-ups at the Open Video Conference, I am walking what is supposed to be a few blocks to a post-event dinner. In fact, it is a many-block walk, and I am walking with Kevin Driscoll, who I know through […]

Geocities Saved! (Sort of) —

It’s an old trick: the radical faction, devoid of boundaries of politeness and decorum, blasts forward into the darkness, doing what needs to be done for a cause. In this case, the impending shutdown of Geocities, a site of much derision but also one of great historical value, relatively speaking. Meanwhile, a second faction, related […]