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Why Hello There: An ASCII Reboot —

This is the first post of ASCII.TEXTFILES.COM under the new location and software. I’m now running WordPress, a very popular and very enjoyable weblogging software suite that first flirted with me years ago. Attempts to switch over to it seemed involved and tedious, considering how entrenched my hundreds of entries were under my old software. […]

Recording the Beatles —

Oh, what a treat. To make this book review and accolade more interesting, I will be peppering it with lessons I learned or re-learned from the authors in bold and italic. Lessons re-learned are even more important than lessons learned. The creators of the book Recording the Beatles stopped by the public library in Boston […]

Mr. Influence —

Evil League of Evil Application – Mr Influence from Will Keary on Vimeo. A friend of a friend was sent in my direction because he had decided he wanted to make an Evil League of Evil Application. To know what the Evil League of Evil is you probably need to know about Dr. Horrible’s Sing […]

Awesome! Unsurpassed! —

One of the side effects of the massive cleaning and sorting effort in my office is that tons of to-dos are now flying up to the surface, able to be addressed as time permits. I still don’t have a lot of time but now instead of glancing over a sea of scary paper and boxes, […]