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Sockington’s Wild Success —

I mentioned Sockington’s twitter feed some time ago. And in the meantime, the little guy has become even more popular than you could imagine. At this point, over two thousand, seven hundred people pay attention to his adventures of food, patrolling, whimsical insanity, and cat toys. From what I can tell, he has his own […]

GET LAMP Milestone Reached —

The question I am asked the most, on a nearly daily basis, regards GET LAMP, my text adventure documentary. How is it going? Is it out? Can I buy it? Why haven’t you finished it? Are you still doing it? Understandable, because the website has remained mum for most of 2008. My fault. It’s one […]

The Amnesia Manuscript —

As mentioned in a rather recent weblog entry, a collector has gotten their hands on both original packaging and the manuscript for a game by the late Thomas Disch called “Amnesia“. This game, released in 1985, was a text adventure featuring a player waking up with no memory of who they are and the resulting […]

An End to my Broadcast Day —

Somewhere earlier this year I noticed I wasn’t watching much television. Between editing my documentary and writing weblog entries and job and archiving and all the rest, the amount of time I’d want to spend watching television was reduced greatly, and mostly supplanted with video games. A quick desktop game or a consistent thrashing about […]

Earning their $9.95 a Month —

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 17:07:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Dan Strawser To: Subject: Website Request Hi Jason, My name is Daniel Strawser from Reputation Defender Inc. I am writing you representing my client, Christoph Vaessen. He has asked us to contact you and politely inquire whether it were possible to remove his name from […]