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Health and Exercise Update —

About a year ago, I told you I was starting a new exercise regimen. And that I did! Man did I work out. Here we are a year later, and I didn’t go to the gym, mostly, for the last 3 months. So, am I slacker? Well, no. My gout and kidney stones increased to […]

Shmoocon Success —

Another great shmoocon. Attendance was highest ever, the location within the hotel had been recently built, and the competency and brilliance shine all throughout the event. It skews professional, but I can live with that for the great times and opportunities it gives. I took almost no photos this time around, sadly; I just didn’t […]

Face to Face with Luna City —

I’ve been mentioning Peter Hirschberg and his arcade for some time now, as well as his other projects. All positively, I might add. And by positively, I’m using that as a shortcut for “drooling incessantly over how much style he exudes in everything he does”. It’s really just a great thing to know guys like […]

A Carrier Detected for Three Decades —

On January 16, 1978, Ward Christensen started his Monday trying to dig himself out of a snowstorm. Unable to successfully do so to commute out to his job as an IBM sales engineer, he went back inside and talked to his friend Randy Suess, a fellow member of the Chicago Area Computer Hobbyist Exchange. Ward […]

Danger Safely Outside the Danger Zone —

The refreshing cascade of new faces to the weblog over the last week have reminded me of all the ways online communication enables us to not just interact, but hate remotely. I had forgotten, I guess, how easy it is for people to take a few quick glances at some data and shove their two-line […]

The Power of Reddit —

Someone on the site Reddit linked to a story where someone threatened a site legally for removing an image that he was hotlinking. Someone quickly wrote “THAT’s not hotlinking, THIS is hotlinking” and linked to the entry about hotlinking I wrote in the first days of 2007. Someone else was taken enough by this to […]

Caretaking Fun —

One of my buddies mailed me and said “Hey, you seem to have two files lifted from a Robert Anton Wilson book.” And I checked and did some searching and yes, that’s the case, somebody typed in a paragraph from a Robert Anton Wilson book and uploaded it to a BBS many years ago, with […]

Nice Try, Archiver-Hater —

I find it easier to generally just grab anything that catches my attention for more than a few seconds. Copy it, download it, PDF it, whatever makes the most sense, shove it into a directory with a description of it (if any) and then forget about it. It takes me 10 seconds, and I think […]

The King of Wrong: Final Words (Many of Them) —

Those who are not into reading long self-referential articles can content themselves with the short version of this article posted two days ago. If I’d known last week what I know now, I’d probably have not written a weblog entry about the documentary The King of Kong. And by weblog entry, I mean a vicious […]

Called on Account of Pain —

My entry scheduled for today has been postponed until hopefully tomorrow. I’ve not let on how unwell I’ve been lately, and I spent 20 of the last 25 hours asleep. I’m good at time management, but not THAT good; and those 5 hours weren’t awesome either.