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Post-California —

This is post-California trip, but I’m kind of still in California, so maybe I should say that statements made within this entry are forward-looking and are not meant to be predictions or assurances of future Jason locations. This weekend was all about the ANSI Gallery showing on Saturday the 12th, and to that level it […]

My Delicious Slaves —

One of the constant refrains of past consideration of what great things computers will do for us is the “smart agent”, a mythical delightful artificial intelligence that will cater to our every whim. In fact, this is the central thesis of Hyperland, one of those surreal film projects where you no longer have to wonder […]


As an example of where my new weblogging schedule comes into play, I’ll be away in California all this weekend. That’s time I can’t spend writing entries, but time doing stuff. So let me dump out a variety of related topics. The reason I’ve jaunted out to the West Coast is to be at the […]

The Long Hosting Goodbye —

A big step happened for me today; I moved a domain I considered “mine” to a hosting service. The service is Dreamhost and the site is It’s now hosted elsewhere, as is the mail, and all of the “stuff” is being handled by Dreamhost. When you go to the site, in other words, nothing […]

Invitation to Blockparty 2008 —

The Blockparty 2008 invitation is now out. You can pick it up at the Blockparty 2008 page. Summary of the invitation: go here and pre-register for Blockparty and Notacon (one ticket). The rest of this message repeats this more elaborately. I spent some time before last year’s Blockparty (the demo party I co-organize) explaining exactly […]

Review: Wizzywig —

One of my buddies Kizzle threw me an e-mail in which he said “Phreaking Comic Book” and a URL to a discussion on the Binary Revolutions Forum about said book. Naturally, I was interested – Kizzle knows me well. In point of fact, the discussion on the forum was started by the comic book’s creator, […]

ASCII Weblog 2008 —

As we now begin 2008, my little weblog project will be undergoing some changes. As mentioned in the last entry, I’m dropping out of a self-imposed “post every weekday” rule, which was previously a “post every day” rule. The “every day” rule betrayed itself as impossible within a few weeks and the “every weekday” held […]