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On the Other Side —

I am positive I used to be a better game player. I was very good, I think. I was certainly pretty good at video games that required me to learn a few basic rules and then apply myself towards a bunch of simple sprites who worked in a fairly predictable manner. My control was a […]

HV20 Test Footage —

I bought a Canon HV20 a little while ago. This is basically a handheld high-definition camera that costs $1000, with accessories. It shoots in HDV, which is a lower-bandwidth high def format that can fit on the old MiniDV tapes instead of the P2 cards I currently shoot with. Am I moving to a new […]

Argh —

Some time ago, I wanted to license some music. I had plans for that music. As luck would have it, the artist had heard of what I was doing in terms of a project, and he was excited, and wanted me to use his music too. He’d written it five years previously, for a band […]