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Getting Jason to Endorse You: An Example —

I’ve bitched out a few people who’ve tried to get me to “endorse” their little messy get-rich-quick schemes, especially when they do so in a way that shows they neither know me, care to, or even tried to understand why I do what I do and work with that. Finally, I got a letter that […]

Peter Hirschberg —

If you haven’t been following the accomplishments and style of Peter Hirschberg for the last decade or so, let me repair that major mistake immediately. He is a true modern renaissance man, combining art, programming, and industrial design. His style is impeccable and pervades all his work, and at various times he has lit up […]

A Breath of Air (Housecleaning) —

So here we are, roughly 40 weblog entries into 2007, and I might as well take a moment or two to go meta-critical and describe what’s going on. This is the year of discipline for me. Whereas before I’ve slacked off or otherwise misdirected energy and avoided certain necessary things, this is the year I […]

Computer Camp —

Summer camp was a requirement for me and my two siblings because the divorce settlement gave each parent a month with us and there was just no realistic way for my dad to take a month off of work to watch us. The first year of this, we were sent to a place called Surprise […]

You’ve Ruined Everything —

Many times, the roles that are taken up in an online community that’s based around a “thing” are so structured and expectant that you could almost fashion carved wooden masks for them. You’d choose to wear that mask and then hop on stage and do the dance that so many have done before you. I […]

Sorry about Boston —

I live outside of Boston, but generally everything within the confines of the 95/128 ring road/interstate is considered “Boston” by the outside world. So let’s just say I live in Boston. I actually have lived in the city proper, and a bunch of other towns with silly names that sound vaguely English and sometimes not, […]

Small World —

If what you want is an hour of me dominating a podcast to talk about myself, then you’re in luck. I’m the most recent interviewee on the Small WORLD podcast. It’s been mostly interviewing musicians lately, but someone was nice enough to suggest to the host that I be interviewed. We conducted it earlier this […]

Arcade Documentaries —

You might have heard I’m making a documentary about arcades. I’m pretty excited about it, although obviously the work on the text adventure documentary is a little more pressing. That said, I have been doing the occasional bit of work on it: conducting some interviews, gathering some data, getting names, e-mails going out to the […]

Zelchenko for Alderman —

Peter Zelchenko shows up to deliver a single line in the totality of the 5.5 hours of BBS Documentary. He didn’t even want to be on camera, actually, but I had him sit down to ask me something and I started peppering him with questions and the next thing he knew, we had a little […]

From the Mailbag: Archiving Yourself —

Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 00:40:07 +1100 From: David Dean To: Jason Scott Subject: article request Do you get many (any?) of these? Anyway, I figure as an obsessive hoarder, you’ve got some great system for storing your old files – notes about projects ideas, half completed code-bits, word files that you might just want […]