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I Paid, You Get It for Free —

I mentioned on April 2 that there was an auction for a CD-ROM of 20 megabytes of message bases, and how I tried to get it donated but the seller was not interested. Well, I bought it. I paid $7.50 plus $2.00 shipping, so $9.50. For BBS messages. And, as the proud new owner of […]

Some Other Documentary Meta-Things —

This goes outside the news, so it’s here and not there. Another reason to keep this weblog in a reader or otherwise check it. That and, of course, my penchant for dropping entirely weird links. I had considered for some time that when I got my check discs back, I would put a couple sets […]

Documentary Update: #2 Done —

The first of three check discs arrived. Actually, the first SET of check discs arrived, of what will be three sets. This is disc #2. Am I being confusing? Let’s start again. The way that it works with DVDs is that you submit the raw data to the printer, then they make a “glass master”, […]

Selling History —

I haven’t quite been able to get my head around why my first reaction to this auction is anger. One of the big mistakes a historian or archivist can make is that the stuff they’re collecting is “theirs” or somehow, because they have a particularly large pile of stuff, other smaller piles should naturally go […]

Glass Masters —

Documentary Disc #2 went to the printers last night. Not an April Fool’s, by the way. It really did go out to them. Of course, the natural question is “Why only #2? Why not all of them?”. Well, there’s two reasons, one financial and one technical. The financial one requires you to know how DVD […]