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In Realtime: Day 2 Felt Like Week 4 —

This time, I’m sitting in my car, & I don’t feel broken, simply renewed. It’s ten o’clock, and we probably have a couple more hours to go. What we are trying to do is ensure that everything is in a box that is going out. Then, tomorrow can consist of two things: moving items to […]

In Realtime: We are barely halfway done —

I’m kind of broken. It has been a very productive day. I have been here since 8 in the morning. We have boxed over 400 boxes of material. There have been about a dozen and a half of volunteers working like mad to put this together. It seems to have adequately impressed the owner. He […]


Some members of the art group Monochrom have gotten into the world of movie-making and I think you might just enjoy the living hell out of it. It’s called DIE GSTETTENSAGA. GSTETTENSAGA is the best kind of low-budget filmmaking: science-fiction collides with mythology and political satire, and a landscape both gray and filled with colorful […]

The Flippy Disk Thing —

This is meant to be a quick overview and primer of the flippy disk and disk hardware situation with regards to 5.25″ floppy drives. It is for reference and referral by others for an easy understanding of the issues. Right now, there are tens of thousands of floppy disks out there that were used extensively […]

The Distrust Sphinchter —

I have completed my initial impromptu 10 year survey of the transportation security administration. I was drafted into this wretched task as a side effect of my work with my first documentary. Whereas previously I might travel one or two times a year by plane, I suddenly found myself taking dozens of flights, until I […]

What’s New at the Ol’ Salt Mines —

Hey there! Haven’t really talked in a while. Been pretty busy. What with? Oh, speeches, presentations, editing and shooting some movies. You know, the usual? How’s that thing doing for me? Oh, it’s doing fucking awesome, trust me. Best job I have ever had. Great folks, great stuff. What have I been up to there? Oh, […]

On the On the Media —

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  This is On the Media. I’m Brooke Gladstone. BOB GARFIELD:  And I’m Bob Garfield. Once we put photos in a scrapbook. Today we put them on Flickr. Once we chronicled our days in a diary. Now we update our Facebook page. Once we kept Super 8 movies of our kids. These days we post […]

Library of Tweets —

While I was out galavanting, Twitter and the Library of Congress announced they were going to be archiving every single public tweet on twitter, with an embargo delay of six months. (I.e. all public tweets older than six months, going back to 2006). Here’s my official response: FUCK YES I TOTALLY APPROVE Seriously, the only […]

Vector Tanks Extreme Trailer —

Oh how many times have I told you about how great Peter Hirschberg is? Many times indeed, come to think of it. I’ve mentioned this before; I really like when someone takes the qualities that made an older technology enjoyable, and updates it so a contemporary audience can enjoy it as well, even with the […]

Netscape Now! —

In the thematic family of my collection of  Under Construction and Mail GIFs from Geocities, let me introduce yet another: NETSCAPE THEN! Much in the same way that the early days of Geocities are quickly lost to time, so is it with the early days of the corporatization of browsers, the transition from academic and […]