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Saved! Sort of. —

As time goes on, people begin to use phrases like “saved” when it comes to Archive Team projects. That’s not quite accurate. If a website or webpage is simple, utilizing only images and text, chances are pretty good that we can get a reasonable copy of it. If, however, it utilizes any strange scripting, access […]

Just Keep Solving the Problem Month —

  I had hoped “Just Solve the Problem Month” would be a yearly thing. In my original entry about this event and how it would go, I expected us to aim ourselves at a new direction and throw people at a problem that just needed some attention. Every year. So each year would bring to […]

Fool Me 16,380 Times, Shame on Me —

Salutations, dewy-eyed fuckstick. I’ve met you before, of course. I’ve met the type you are, the way you are, and your dreams you think you’re selling are nothing new. Your whole culture is poison, shifting its language and buzzwords and goals on a whim to satisfy what you think people are going to buy into. […]

Just Solving the Problem: A Review —

So, in the summer I suggested the idea of a “Just Solve the Problem” month, the idea of putting together a way for people to assemble and attack an extant, “unsolvable” problem and improve the state of the universe before it burns out. I suggested November, which is a nice, generally dull month. And I […]

Just Solve the Problem Month 2012: Nitty Gritty —

This will be somewhat long and somewhat involved. It’s a posting meant to give my personal positions and assessments on the Just Solve the Problem 2012 Project, which is “Solve the File Formats Problem”. Ideally, it answers everything but specific choices down the line. If not, the Wiki will have answers. Here we go. General […]

Just Solve the Problem 2012: High-Level Stuff —

As Just Solve The File Format Problem Month bears down on us, I thought I’d get this show on the road with more high-level discussion of the idea. It makes sense to read the first posting on this, as well as having you be aware a posting after this one will be much more detail-oriented. Because, after […]

The Charge of the Scan Brigade —

UPDATE: Read the Bottom. I’m writing this quickly because it’s a simple idea, the simplest of simple ideas, although it could really change things up in the world. It is a San Francisco-based thing at the moment, in case you want to know if you can throw yourself bodily at it or need to throw […]