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Another One Missed —

Among the people I was reaching out to for an interview for GET LAMP was Gregory Yob, the original creator of the game “Hunt the Wumpus”, which could be argued was one of the first adventure-like games on a computer. It was a long shot, but I take a lot of long shots and life has rewarded me for this.

Anyway, I just found out that in October of last year, the same time I was announcing this project, Gregory Yob (now named Gregory Coresun) died. It gets a little unusual after that, because it turns out that he had left a will to be cryogenically frozen, and this has happened, so he is now in a tank in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I suppose to some people that’s weird but I don’t think it’s weirder than being turned into dust and scattered somewhere you were fond of, or storing yourself in a box underneath the Earth with a big-ass stone marker informing passerby where your box is and when you got there.

Philosophy aside, it’s another missed opportunity. I hate this situation, because now Wumpus will be mentioned but I’ll never have Gregory Yob/Coresun’s opinion of it in his own words.

Filming began in earnest on GET LAMP, and I have now lined up 4 definite interviews since Saturday, which will be taking place across the next few months. I obviously intend there to be many dozens. If you think I should be interviewing you, please contact me, because I need all the help with that I can get.

Here’s hoping I don’t miss too many more.

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  1. Elliot says:

    Gregory might have actually done you a favour by choosing cryogenic freezing. Depending on how long you take to complete this project you might actually get to interview him afterall…or maybe when you do your 25th anniversary special edition box set…

  2. Rowan says:

    You can still do that interview with him (though it might be a bit one-sided) while covering the premise behind Infocom’s “Suspended”.