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With the new year, I’m always trying to clean up a bunch of projects and promises I made myself, as well as removing stuff I’m not going to finish. Well, removing isn’t the word. I think the words are encapsulate and label. Let someone else have the fun of going through my stuff.

Along that line, I have a lot of little sites and collections of files that don’t fall under any real easy label. Because the site is called, there’s some belief that I don’t allow non-ascii files or otherwise believe only in the power of text and nothing else. This is, of course, crap, if you browse the site.

But some of the stuff I have falls under “this should be up somewhere, but there’s not really enough to warrant an entire sub-site or domain to it”. So I finally took one of my lying around domains, BBSHISTORY.ORG, and I’m going to start linking to stuff from there. People send me stuff all the time along the line of “you should have this”, and I happily take it, but I had no way to say to the world “hey, look”. Now I do.

This also means has gone under this heading, with a link to from the front page. A minor but important change.

So, among the things I had which were languishing in “this should really have something done with it”, was a copy of Phantom Access, the code-hacking program written by Lord Digital of LOD. It has a lot of historical value, a lot of work was obviously put into it, and there’s a dozen other reasons it should be somewhere. So I happily present the first “exhibit”:

Phantom Access

The attempt is to present a program, concept or other artifact I have in a way that people can read about it, use it, and/or just browse quickly and get the idea before moving on. And, of course, you can download the whole thing in a zip file.

I hope to increase the number of these over the year. And this is your hint to send me stuff to exhibit. Happy new year!

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