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Of all the hacker radio shows that I keep track of, there’s a fellow by the name of Droops who helps drive a number of interesting shows. Sometimes he just helps in the background and sometimes he’s right there at the fray.

One of the shows, which is a really clever idea, is called “Talk With a Techie”, (or T.W.A.T.), wherein he and Irongeek have nearly two dozen people on tap to submit five to fifteen-minute shows about technical subjects, so basically they can put out a daily (weekday) show. I call it RAID: Redundant Array of Inexperienced DJs.

Anyway, I am happy to say I’m among the people tapped to submit shows. I mean, if I can’t contribute 5-15 minutes a month, I’m pretty messed up, right? (Hint: I’m not THAT messed up.)

Anyway, I don’t really submit normal things. So I thought I’d point you to my current show: Episode #42: Seven Bits, No Waiting.

And yes, that really is me.

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  1. fuzz says:

    You appeared on an episode of Default Radio before as well didn’t you?

  2. Too $hort says:

    OMG! Why did you hurt my ears like that?! What did my ears ever do to you?! Maybe rap music is not your forte. Maybe for your next song you should try a more punk rock style or something.

  3. droops says:

    jason, why did you do this to me? im at my parents house in the middle of nowhere. now im waiting for their painful dialup to download this show so i can see what the fuss is about. =o)

  4. MC Spintastic says: