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Subject: this is a bit bizzare

how to start
well i guess ill just post =-)~

this is from my blog

Ok so i had this dream the other night

where i walk up to this big building & on it the words TEXTFILES so i go in

i walk around for what seams like forever & finnaly see a big counter
like in a bank or something & the people behind it ask what im there
for & i say i dont know & they then say well Mr Scott has been waiting
for me & then point to a little school desk behind me a tiny little
thing & at it is the guy that did the bbs documentary

& as if this wasnt wired enuff he tells me i need to revamp my bbs
make it better than its ever been put all i can into it & that i need
to keep up the good work & general pats me on the back about my bbs

which was kewl but freaky then he walks me to the door & tells me to
remeber what we talked about so i did & im posting it here

now if you want to get all headshrinker on it ive sorta been
neglecting my bbs & the bbs community the last year cause i been
working so hard on osprey puting my efforts into osprey & ive felt
somewhat guilty about that so yes its possiable that my head was
telling me look you need to get in there & do this

or take it as just a dream that was kewl & thats it

either way im revamping the bbs & will probbly be buying the bbs
documentry lol id like to email him this entry but i dont want to
scare the poor guy i mean look around this site doesnt always put me
in the best light =-)~ but i try to do my best to be honest with

either way just thought id share

ok so can i pay for the bbs doc with a money order? lol
any insite to that would be wonderfull

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