ASCII by Jason Scott

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  1. Mungojelly says:

    A story in broken image links? 🙁


  2. Jason Scott says:

    A story in lack of properly defined URLs! It’s kind of a tragedy. (And fixed!)

  3. I.C. says:

    Haha! It is so great seeing this turn out the way it has. Chef Jason makes such a delicious dish of one’s foot that they simply cannot help but put it into their mouth.

  4. Krisjohn says:

    I don’t get it.

  5. Masked and Anonymous says:


    1. “who would pay money for this? GEEZ”

    2. Jason sends it to him for free

    3. “oh!! thank you”

  6. krnlpanik says:

    Touche, Mr. Scott. You never cease to amaze me. 🙂