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I haven’t linked this from the main documentary site yet, because I still have a few more entries to shore up, but I’m fulfilling a promise to myself about having “how I did it” stuff show up on the site.

So there’s now The BBS Documentary Production Information.

I expect it’ll ultimately have a dozen subsections, about the process of digitial filmmaking, thoughts on narrative, and so on. Right now, it’s got explanations of the dedications of each episode, an overview of the equipment I used to film, and copies of all the music used in all the episodes.

The music is locally linked, so it’s a bit slow to download, but a bunch of people have asked for how to get this music, so here we are.

I hope to be done with this section shortly, with maybe a few touch-ups if people clamor for more information on a specific subject.

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  1. Mungojelly says:

    The BBS documentary is inspiring, but what’s even more inspiring to me is your personal process & your openness about it. It’s influenced my thinking in deep ways; I think it’s brought me deeper into awareness of the nature of the Singularity.

    It seems like you’re aware of the way that “history” is turning into an entirely different task. It’s as if you could live right at the mythical border between “prehistory” and “history” and see the distinction, but sped up so fast that it would all transform within a single human lifetime. We are at just such a magical moment between “history” and what I guess you could call “posthistory.”

    The post-history period– the period when it stopped being possible to forget. Where the past started to stay nearly-alive, talking ghosts. The next stage: “Computer, show me a picture of exactly 42 minutes after my birth.” Beyond that– the crystal ball shatters.


  2. Darren B. says:

    Hello, I just ordered the doc. last week or so. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived here in Canada with no duty or charges. I was so glad since money is tight. It was enjoyable to watch I must say. I’m 37 and it brought back a lot of good memories.

    Saw your interview on The Packet Sniffers last night too. Which was good to see the person behind the camera.

    I keep wishing for something more or feeling like something was missing, but not sure what. I think I just wanted to go back to those days so much, but can’t. My best friend from those days has passed away from cancer, so I really miss being able to share my memories with someone. I was laughing along with the doc. you made in parts though since it was like talking with an old friend again. : )

  3. Rob Long says:

    Thanks for taking the time and bandwidth to make this info available. Your choice in music for the documentary was excellent, especially the artscene tunes.