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IMDB Assault Begins —

It took a while, but the IMDB entry for the BBS Documentary now lists over 70 of the people who appeared in it. It is NOT complete and is missing vital folks, but I was entering names as fast as I could, and then it eventually hit an upper limit, and I decided I would wait to see how long it took names to show up before adding more.

For the record, it took 32 days.

While a month for updates is an enormous time, I am definitely in favor of a “cool-off” period when adding new data, so that you put your best work into adding new information, and don’t just dash some off. This is part of why I don’t like Wikipedia, because there isn’t a a “compile with no errors” situation. (With IMDB, you actually do get automated feedback saying “You know this person is new, right? Did you want that?” and “You spelled all this stuff wrong….”) With instant gratification comes a lack of ceremony with adding new data, and it’s too easy to not take a little extra time to double-check all the facts, ensure the spelling is right, or that you couldn’t add a little more information with a bit more effort.

Now that people are in there, I will be correcting mistakes in their linkages (a few people got linked to currently-existing names in the database, while others seem to have been rejected), and increasing biographical information where needed.

In the last day or so, I am happy to have submitted (and had approved) additonal biographical information for the IMDB entry for Vinton Cerf. Spiffy. I hope more people learn about him and the other folks I interviewed because of IMDB links.

I’ve been mailing people who were interviewed, pointing out they’re “stars” now. That’s been fun.

Like I said, more are on their way, but it’s funny how this arbitrary database that IMDB really is, can make you feel “legitimate”. I think that’s just the nature of wanting to be accepted. On a more capitalistic level, people are “accepting” me at $50 apiece every day, so I’m not feeling worried about it at all.

Speaking of money, it costs $35 to get a photo or image up on IMDB. Just in case you’re wondering why so many entries lack them.

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