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So You Warezed The Documentary —

It’s always a weird line you cross when you do this kind of stuff, but I thought about it and I added a donation page for the BBS documentary. Specifically, this is for the well-past-a-thousand(!) people who have downloaded episodes off of torrent sites.

You really have three choices when dealing with torrent sites: accept them gracefully and hope your product is worth buying even when downloaded elsewhere, bitch wildly in an impotent manner about how the world has become somewhere no longer to your liking, or become a complete raging jerknut with swords flailing trying to scare a billion people into buying your production using lawyers and bought-off-laws and subterfuge.

I’ve opted for the first approach.

The fact is, the DVD outdoes the downloads. With most of these downloads you get a single track of audio (no commentary), no subtitles, and no bonus material. You also don’t get the DVD-ROM section with all the stuff in there. You get very little of the product. And the convenience! Even if you do a rip of a DVD, the DVD set of the documentary is over 17 gigabytes. That’s a lot of cable modem bandwidth. And then you don’t even get the kick-ass packaging!

But the fact is, there’s some people for whom $50 is a hardship. And I recognize this. SO…. for those people, who are really content to stand outside the stadium and listen to the game instead of the full-on experience, I created a donation page.

Here’s the donation page. I don’t encourage any specific amount, I let people decide. And I make it clear they’re not getting the full-on experience I worked so hard on. But at least they can feel they helped me a little.

But either way… a thousand people! All learning about the BBS! That rules!

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  1. remove says:

    jason, i want to thank you for handling this matter so maturely (unlike a few other copyright holders i’ve deatlt with in the past).

    personally, i will donate- at the end of the month- as well put a link to that page on mvgroup and the pirate bay.

    i wish you the best of luck in the future, and perhaps we’ll see another great documentary from you in a few years about bit torrent 😉

  2. Eternity says:

    Hi Jason, good idea on the donation page. The doc is worth the money but like you said ultimately some people just won’t pay for media. Your movie does have enough replay value to justify a purchase even after people have downloaded it. Ultimately only popular things get put online and I don’t see too many of these[] movies around.