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Dream Becomes Reality: A Mail Call —

The manifest/tracking information had indicated that my “appointment” to meet my freight was at 6pm on Monday. Imagine my surprise (and my choice of clothing) when in fact it was 10am. The FedEx guy came to my front door and behind him, a semi was blocking the road outside my house:

It seemed to make a lot more sense to pull into my side street instead of blocking a major commuter road, so he pulled up near the driveway, and opened the truck to reveal three pallets of BBS documentary DVDs.

I made a few desperate calls out to friends to maybe help, but the 10am time meant that basically everyone had a job or a previous engagement, so there I was staring at a couple hundred boxes of DVD sets in the driveway.

2 very energetic hours later, I had loaded these hundreds of boxes into the basement, ready to go into the eventual office I’ve set up in my attic for shipping and tracking orders.

I think we’re now officially at the end of “production” and completely in the “sale” and “publicity” phase of the BBS Documentary. With 4,000 copies of this thing in my basement, I think the motivation is there to tell as many people as possible about this project, and get them out the door. Here’s the physical side to the theoretical arguments I’ve made about creative commons and what people look for in a product. If I sell a lot, this pile gets smaller. If I do not, it stays like it is and I have a new roommate.


We have here, in box form, a dream I first considered back in the summer of 2001 and which I strove to accomplish in the ensuing years; it is, in other words, a dream come true.

Now let’s see how many people share/want this dream as well.

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  1. Catscratch says:

    Congratulations. As a sysop of a telnet BBS I’m looking forward to exploring your website and watching the trailers. Right now US$50 is more than I can afford, but when I can, I will.

    Whatever – good on you for doing it, and for being brave enough to contribute to the commons.

    Bask in the satisfaction of the box form of your dream.