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I browse the referrers to the BBS Documentary site. OK, that’s not accurate at all. I pore over the referrer logs of the site with the help of scripts and track down anytime anyone talks about the documentary. I made these scripts a good while ago and so it’s effortless to go between them and see what people are saying.

Some people are simply saying “I want.” Others are linking to it and reviewing the copy they got. I like to read those.

One of them was an invitation to a bunch of friends to come watch the documentary. I love this. Here’s the invite text, with identifying marks all removed:

Location: IXXXXXXX’s House
When: Friday, June 3, 7:30pm

Today, I recieved something awesome in the mail.

Yes, I finally got my copy of Jason Scott’s “BBS: The Documentary”.
since I pre-ordered it back in October, I now have one of the first
copies (packed and shipped by the director) and it looks quite nice.

Jason is the self-made historian who put together,
perhaps the best organized collection of old school g-files ever
assembled. He then embarked on a multiple-episode documentary project
covering pretty much all aspects of the BBS world.

Perhaps a foray into the history of BBSing is not the kind of thing
that *everyone* would appreciate and enjoy, but I think *you* would
dig it.

So… I’m having the first of several viewing parties to get old
school BBSers together and watch a couple of the episodes. Eventually
perhaps we’ll watch them all (8 episodes on 3 DVDs!).

*** Popcorn and a wireless Internet connection will be provided.

*** DRINKS: Please bring your own drinks!

*** FOOD: We’ll order pizza once some hungry people show up.

*** ROOM: I have a big TV, but space is somewhat limited. Would like
to have other [BBSers] attend if possible, but I ask that you please
check with me before inviting them.

You can find out more about the documentary by going to

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