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Stacking the Odds —

This arrived today:

So here’s the best part. Only discs 2 and 3 arrived. Disc 1 is supposed to arrive tomorrow. It’s like Zeno’s Paradox, except with DVDs. As was explained to me by my friendly printing elves, the duplication of the three discs are three separate projects, and the assembly is a fourth. I have been sent the outcome of the first two, and hopefully the third is on its way, and then it’s a race; can Jason assemble and mail these out before the truck arrives with unbelievable amounts of discs?

It’s not like there’s not a lot to do, since I have to be assembling the packages, putting the labels on the boxes, and so on. It’s just really insane that there’s that one annoying step.

They look great, though, hard to argue with that.

So, I didn’t call the people who asked for a call yet because they do NOT get a call until the packages are dropped off at the post office. (In case some of the people reading this are wondering why they didn’t get a call yet).

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  1. CanadaDude says:

    Wish I lived nearby, I’d offer to help with the assembly. =)

  2. kiwi(NZL)dude says:

    You wish you lived near by… hehehehe! So do I (You do live near by… in comparisson.)