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Among my various directories have been contributions sent to me by folks that I haven’t completely gone through as of yet. Generally, when something comes in from someone, I have scripts that let me integrate the new data into my archives. They find doubles, they let me describe what the files are, and then they put them into the right directories and re-build the directories with the new information. People wonder how I do so much, and I always respond “with scripts”, because I use them extensively.

My inbox was originally shoved away in a weird place, but I decided that I should probably leave the files that are not yet sorted in a public place, so people who find something they need or who want to do some looking themselves can do so.

So, tonight, I introduce to you:


This little weird site will have all the archives I’m currently on tap to sort through when I have time. The main reasons that I don’t go through an archive are usually that there’s a ton of same-named-but-not-the-same file, which raises suspicions and needs a much closer look, and files which have a place on the site but I’m not sure where (NFO files are an example of this; they’re going to get their own site soon). In other cases, I have been sent programs, and in yet others, I am grabbing a copy of a website and haven’t sorted the ugliness yet.

It’s weird stuff, but there you go, if you feel the need to browse through my inbox as if you were visiting the offices or had an internship or something, now you know what it’s like. And yes, it’s about 165 megabytes.

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