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Last Check Disc Approved —

I recieved the last check disc in the shower.

Actually, I was showering when FedEx arrived with a stack of check discs of the first DVD of the set, which close-watching fans know was the remaining disc to go through the approval process. As was proven by Disc 3, submitting a dual-layer DVD instead of a couple of DLT tapes was the trick, and the whole thing came out working just as I had both expected and hoped.

So that’s it, the final piece of the puzzle has been locked into place and the printing will begin. I am paying to have a subset of the discs shipped to my house so I can get them out to people absolutely as soon as possible.

It is relatively surreal to watch the DVDs now; they’re all done, I can do no more changes, and the urge to want to nip and tuck is somewhat maddening. It’s also entirely unnecessary. These things are good. I will, of course, be encouraging disinterested third parties to write about the documentary. I’ll just hunker down in my lair and wait for the onslaught.

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