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Delays and Ankles —

I have been informed that the final check disc (the remaining piece I need to sign off on before we see the duplication happen) will not arrive until Monday. Ow! This is the nature of things, where I end up in the queue of a big printer and the re-submission of things screwed up the timeliness. So Monday, ideally, is when I sign off and the machine goes into full motion.

Meanwhile, I’m placing the orders for the hundreds of mailing boxes and am beginning to print out the labels for all the outgoing packages. So, again, very close.

Speaking of Ow, I have successfully twisted my ankle. Being laid up here on my couch, in a good amount of pain with drugs and ice, I once again realize what I usually forget: I’m not the type of person who likes sitting still. I have to be doing something. It’s quite maddening.

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