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Documentary: Disc Art —

This is what the documentary disc art looks like:

Good stuff! It’s all done in Freehand, and that’s how the printers want it. I had to relearn freehand from my nascent days as an art kid back in early 1990s, when I was all about nothing else but cartooning, sketching, and using weird art programs to get what I wanted.

The design is simple because the box it goes in is complicated. I don’t need to mark the thing up with a billion little text boxes and warnings and copyright fru-fru; the box does that. Plus, somewhere, SOMEWHERE on the box, we needed that insane “Countdown” font that was on so much “computer” stuff in the 1970’s, just to reference it. Using it for the disc number made the most sense.

So there we go. I am officially out of the creative side, and now into the pure “after” work: talking to people, getting interviews, and generally letting the world know my little project is here.

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