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Documentary: Disc #3 is working, Disc #1 Resubmitted —

Well, that’s some excellent news. Disc #3, which was submitted using the new DVD-R method, worked absolutely perfectly. It works both in my DVD players and in my computers, and the DVD-ROM section is browsable and working fine. I even listened a little to a few of my speeches, which are included in the DVD-ROM section. So, no problems.

For the folks at home, that means:


Now, I’ve burned out a working, functioning version of DVD #1 and am fedexing it out to the printers today, along with a $1750 check to re-do the glass master, and so on. Since it works fine in everything, and the process worked fine for #3 (which was many times more complicated than #1), things look good.

Artwork goes to them today for the Discs themselves; it’s rather simple, because I think complicated overwrought disc art looks silly. So it’s basically the outline of a phone and what’s on the Disc. Simple, easy.

As my free time is returning, I have more time to write essays and work on various projects, so expect more of that.

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