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Disc #1 Re-Done, going to Printer —

The two options for submitting a DVD to the printer for duplication are DLT (Digital Linear Tape) or an actual burnt DVD. Dual-Layer DVDs (which is what my DVDs are) are somewhat new in terms of burning them at home, and while my printer indicated that they were sure they could take it in that format, I was skeptical about being one of the first. Of course, once the Ulead program died on the third Disc (which has a DVD-ROM section with thousands of photographs), I ended up sending it in that format anyway. But I sent the other two Discs in DLT format.

Well, I’m going to send the first in DVD format as well, since that allows me to test the medium before it goes out.

And it does work, perfectly, when I put it on this DVD DL. I’ve now tested it again, gone through it again, and it’s all fine. I even fixed an (extremely minor) captioning issue that was bothering me but which I was going to let go. So the thing’s a little better than when I was originally going to duplicate it. I guess that’s the positive side. I would have preferred not paying $1750 for that change, however.

(By the way, one of my buddies brought up donation in the comments of my previous entry about this DVD business. I wouldn’t suggest that. In fact, I would request you not do that. This thing is being sold, it is a business, and if you feel like “donating”, you should just buy a copy of it. In the early days of the production, back in 2001, I actually did put out a call for people to donate, and a bunch of people did; all those people are getting copies as a result, regardless of what they donated. It pays to be generous!)

I get the check disc for disc #3 tomorrow. If it checks out, that will leave just one disc left to approve before the printing begins in earnest. In the scale of a 4 year production, a week or two goes to near-margin-of-error, but still, I don’t like these little delays.

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