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I Paid, You Get It for Free —

I mentioned on April 2 that there was an auction for a CD-ROM of 20 megabytes of message bases, and how I tried to get it donated but the seller was not interested. Well, I bought it. I paid $7.50 plus $2.00 shipping, so $9.50. For BBS messages.

And, as the proud new owner of this clump of text, I give it to you.

It compressed to 6 megabytes. You know, because it’s text and all. Text that shouldn’t have been sold in the first place, but it was and there you go. That’s $9.50 I absolutely hated spending.

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  1. Shii says:

    You know, in a way Google profits from BBS (Usenet) messages as well.

  2. Its times like these that I wish that my floppies didn’t mess up and I didn’t loose all my backed up data because of it 🙁

  3. chris says:

    Although I never used a BBS, I think you’re website is very interesting. It’s great that you’re still working on it!