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This goes outside the news, so it’s here and not there. Another reason to keep this weblog in a reader or otherwise check it. That and, of course, my penchant for dropping entirely weird links.

I had considered for some time that when I got my check discs back, I would put a couple sets of the check discs up for auction, with the proceeds going to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I am likely to do this, but only after all the DVD sets have shipped; otherwise, I am screwing over people who threw their money at me in a show of faith and respect months ago. So, expect an auction for them, likely signed and with original printed art, in the future.

I will be adding a series of dates when this documentary is showing or I am available to answer questions about it at showings. If people wish to book me or otherwise contact me about being at festivals or other such events, I am more than willing to discuss it. I’m

Similarly, I am available for pretty much any interview, radio show, or other such news/media situation, if people wish to talk to me. I’m pretty open to most any such venue or group.

I have been putting together trailers for the episodes, and other informative footage. That will be on there soon.

I thought I had more!

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  1. First Time Listener says:

    You should totally spend the money from the auctions on yourself, some kind of holiday, you deserve it! 🙂