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Documentary Update: #2 Done —

The first of three check discs arrived. Actually, the first SET of check discs arrived, of what
will be three sets. This is disc #2. Am I being confusing?

Let’s start again. The way that it works with DVDs is that you submit the raw data to the printer,
then they make a “glass master”, and then do a limited (very limited) run of 5 discs from that
master. They send it to you, and you play with it on your DVD players, make sure it runs, and then
say “Yes, I approve.” Then it goes down the line and they make thousands of copies from it. If you
don’t like it (because they did it wrong) then you tell them and they redo it. If you don’t like
it because YOU did something wrong, then you send them NEW raw data, and pay some money, in my case
about $1500.

I have three DVDs in my set. What I chose to do was to have them do just one of the three discs, so
if the fundamental problem was “they just don’t work”, I would only have to see the problem and
fix it with ONE disc, not THREE. So I’d be out $1500, not $4500. This adds a few days to the process,
but you see where I’m coming from, I hope.

So now that I like this one (I’ve been playing the disc in my players all day), I will be
approving the creation of the two other check discs. I will also be sending out another
check to the printer that will be the equivalent of buying a Chevy Aveo and pushing it off
a cliff. Although, I suppose, I do get the DVD sets for my trouble.

It’s kind of surreal to hold the DVDs. No weird DVD-R trickery, no purple side, no other stuff. It’s
an actual fully-made DVD. The name of the production company I run that made this documentary is
called Bovine Ignition Systems. This is Disc #2. So on the inside of the discs, it says
BOVINEIS1B. Moo. I didn’t have any say in that, otherwise I’d have made some neat BBS reference.

One other nice feature is that since the DVD players aren’t dealing with a whacky burned
DVD-R and have an actual machine with pits and angles built in, it loads a ton faster and works
better. The Layer Break is there, in ARTSCENE, during a specific shot, but on half my players it’s
not there (they do the right thing) and the rest pause to various amounts. I had no choice on this
disc, because it has 3 full episodes and a ton of bonus materials… in fact, Disc #2 uses
7.9 gigabytes of a total 8. That’s pushing it. But that’s what I do!

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  1. Congrats! Onward and upward!

  2. First Time Listener says:

    Do we get any statistics, how many you’ve actually ordered/sold? Just because i’m nosey.

    I look forward to getting my copy soon!