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An Unusual Feature —

The BBS documentary DVDs may have something which hasn’t been tried before. I have subtitles in English (and in some places, Spanish as well), but I have a third subtitle set called “Non-Technical”. Basically, when people throw out terms that are completely from left field (“8-bit”, “Acoustic Coupler”, “8080”), the “Non-Technical” subtitles define them, at least in a way that makes it all a little more clear.

None of these non-technical subtitles will win any awards for depth; I define “Arpanet” as “An early version of the Internet.” Effective for the purposes of something showing up at the bottom of the screen, but I wouldn’t go in front of class with my book report and give that. I found the first 40 minute episode got 52 explanatory subtitles, including my favorite, “Don’t get hung up on all the details here.”

I have no idea if this feature is useful or wanted. It might be really annoying to have this occasional spate of text at the bottom of the screen explain something you already know. But maybe, if you’re watching these episodes with friends, it might help explain something you’re having trouble getting across.

Anyway, it’s in there. Adding them is reminding me how much I know these episodes by heart.

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  1. mungojelly says:

    I don’t know how many people will find it useful, but it certainly is an awesome idea.


  2. Kizzle says:

    Any Klingon subtitles by chance? Please?