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As part of the work on the documentary I am going through an awful lot of historical items, trying to find examples of BBSes regarded by media throughout its quarter-century. I’ve been finding some great stuff, but I figured that since the purpose of most modern blogs are to sneer at earnest past/current attempts to control the uncontrollable, I’d add this little tidbit:

Maybe at some point when I’m not spending 13-14 hours a day finishing up a 3 year project, I’ll go into some of the interesting implications of the article and the way of the modern world. But until then, I’ve fulfilled my yearly quota of sneering at the past.

I couldn’t resist checking on how ol’ Maggie’s doing. A quick browse shows she went on to head a number of magazines, such as Computer Life , and possibly a number of other media projects. (I don’t want to imply I can guess which Maggies are the Right Maggies.)

I wonder if Maggie has Kazaa on her desktop.

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