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The World’s Most Incredible Machine —

Imagine you have, in front of you, a machine. It is unlike any other machine in the world, although it might look like a lot of them.

On this machine are your dreams, dreams you had about people you once knew and a life you once lived, or wanted to live. In these dreams, people are talking to you. They’re talking about things you cared about, because their answers are to questions you asked. They are all over the continent, and when they talk about memories they have of certain places, you have them too.

All of these answers are on your machine, all 3,500 of them. All you have to do is assemble them into seven stories. For nearly every part of the story, you have at least 3 people tell that part perfectly. You merely have to choose the best one for that moment.

You have spent three years to build this machine. You will spend two months riding it. It will then produce a finished, refined sphere of these dreams for everyone to share.

Get going.

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