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Goodbye, John Aleshe —

It was inevitable that the BBS Documentary would need a sizeable appendix of information and related subjects that came up during the production but likely won’t be in the final “films”. Either I won’t have interviews to accompany them, or they’re too hard to get right, or another reason.

As a result, there’s now a library of information I’m building that will put these discoveries of mine in one solid place for the forseeable future. There was a similar research page out there, but this new version is meant to specifically be an exhibit and not a set of scrawled notes. Ultimately, I expect most of them will end up in the Wikipedia.

It’s still being worked on, but at least one entry is basically ready for public
consumption, and it’s a doozy:


Come find out how a Fidonet sysop disappeared one day, and how his secret life came out, only to catch up with him 13 years later upon his death. It’s quite an amazing story to read, and I’m glad to have as much information as I do in one place, where others can see it.

It’s worth the time. Have fun.

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