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Good of History? Stupid and BORING. —

Sketch> Hello!

tuxie> oO

Sketch> Is someone who runs depthcore here?

depthCORE> Hello.

Sketch> Hello!

Sketch> I run a site called I work with Rad Man of ACiD and a few other folks and try to collect together as many “art packs” as I can, as well as other art scenes. Is there any way you guys are releasing zipped or rar’d collections of your different packs? I really would like to add your breathtaking work to the collection.

depthCORE> Why would you want them in a Zip file?

depthCORE> When you can browse the whole pack on the website?

depthCORE> No.

depthCORE> Hell fucking no.

depthCORE> I am not the Official speaker for depthCORE. But I know damn well they would turn you down.

depthCORE> So NO.

Sketch> OK.

ndey> Why dont u just link the pack

depthCORE> ^

depthCORE> That is a good fucking Idea.

depthCORE> Don’t expect a link back tho.

Sketch> If you look at, say, at or /2001, you’ll see a good number of groups who also ran websites,who also said why not just link, who also said there was a website, and who would want a pack. I or others collected them up, and in some cases my site and mirrors are the only collections downloadable from the web now.

Sketch> I don’t do ads, I don’t make money, I do it for the good of history.

Sketch> No evil here.

depthCORE> Good of history?

depthCORE> That sound’s kind of stupid and BORING.

Sketch> Occasionally a place is so good, I try and contact them and see what the thinking is.

depthCORE> You’ve got to have absolutely NO FUCKING LIFE to do some dumb shit like this.

depthCORE> Hell, I have NEVER heard of your fucking website.

ndey> You do it so your site gets popular

depthCORE> You can link us on your site. And that is the end of that.

Sketch> Well, I can’t argue with these statements, can I?

depthCORE> No. Because I am your god.

ndey> Honesty man, I would rather browse the site then download a damn zip

depthCORE> And what the FUCK kind of file is .ASC and .MOD?

depthCORE> When I download an artpack. I expect .JPG or any other common Q0‚ne formats.

depthCORE> But .ASC? What in the fuck.

Sketch> Well, let’s see. .ASC is usually ASCII art or at least ANSI-based. (DOS, or Amiga)

depthCORE> That’s kind of stupid.

Sketch> .MOD are music files, first for Amiga, later for PC.

ndey> wtf

depthCORE> If anything, you’re wasting your time doing this site thing as HISTORY for groups.

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