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Some members of the art group Monochrom have gotten into the world of movie-making and I think you might just enjoy the living hell out of it. It’s called DIE GSTETTENSAGA.

GSTETTENSAGA is the best kind of low-budget filmmaking: science-fiction collides with mythology and political satire, and a landscape both gray and filled with colorful personalities. The characters each have their own agenda, their own wishes, and find themselves at odds with almost everyone else. Some want power of the political kind, while others want power to drive the simplest of electronic appliances. Everyone is searching for something, and we are dragged along in many different directions as they both find what they’re looking for and find something completely different.

There are times when I feel I’m watching an absurdist play by Beckett, if Beckett decided to work on the Mad Max franchise. Darkness falls, daylight breaks, and each turn in our journalist team’s adventure brings something new and weird to the table. While there’s times I have no idea what I’m looking at, I’m definitely always enjoying looking at it.

I’m sure we have many more amazing cinematic works from the DIE GSTETTENSAGA creative team in the future.

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  1. It’s quite, erm, interesting to read a blog from halfway across the Northern Hemisphere and be pointed to a production done in your own small country and the regional area you live in – but so it happened here. 😉

    DIE GSTETTENSAGA has quite a number of pointers to local Austrian stuff in it which made me laugh even more in various places (just think of how you saw it and put in some understanding of the satiric pointers). Quite a fun piece indeed. Nicely done.

    Thanks for pointing me to it!