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Catch Up Month —

August will be catch-up month.

The last time we saw a drought of postings on this site, it was for the same reason it has happened now: a terminal case of Getting Shit Done. The point of these entries is to reflect, to entreat, and to call to arms when arms are needed. Their priority drops when I’m busily doing what needs to be done and that is absorbing all of my extra attention. And this year has been one where I’ve sat down and begun one of the core reasons the Internet Archive hired me in the first place: a massive wholescale addition of data, especially software, into the Archive’s drives.

After a trip to DEFCON I am taking tomorrow, and after a few other commitments to family and friends, I’ll be back to writing on here about all manner of subjects I think need that reflection or soapbox, and those who enjoy my writing will have much to enjoy indeed.

August is going to be very interesting.

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  1. iPadCary says:

    Great to have ya back, Jason.
    Hope it was worth it.
    And write about 68000-based Macintosh BBSes.
    Or don’t.

  2. Steve says:

    Hooray! Looking forward to a tsunami of Jason!

    Second the 68k Mac suggestion, plus anything about Usenet! Also, how about that “story of” I suggested? 😉

  3. phuzz says:

    Nice suit, very dapper 🙂

  4. Christian says:

    Really enjoyed the DEFCON documentary. Keep up all the awesome work you are doing.

  5. Rikki says:

    Cant tell if mandelbrot tie design

  6. iPadCary says:

    Let us call it: Mandelbrot/Paisley.